Here Comes the Rain

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When a little brown girl with afro-textured hair must face a stormy day, head on, she quickly realizes the fun and freedom that being in the rain provides. In an aim to spread a message of self love and acceptance, Here Comes The Rain's memorable rhymes and colorful illustrations, are a sweet encouragement for all children to live freely and happily in the skin they're in.


Renee Simons Berry aka Renee A.S. Berry, a self proclaimed Skinny Brown Girl resides in a little rowhome in Philadelphia, PA. with her husband, Reggie and their not so skinny cat Amani. After childhood years of dodging the lawn sprinkler, ominous dark clouds, and other things that threatened to bring out the natural texture of her hair, she eventually chose to embrace her true self, and the kinks and coils that formed as a result. Her goal is to spread a message of self love and acceptance to all young people. This is Renee's first children's book. Connect with her on Instagram/Twitter @StyleSkinny