Chain of Secrets

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Arlene and Peter's relationship is being tested by her betrayal of him. Still, what he feels for her transcends this, and his persistence in being there for her finally helps her to overcome her guilt and allow them another chance to build on what they have. It is not an easy path, but with the help of friends and family along the way, and some amusing incidents to ease the stress of it all, their bond grows even stronger. As it turns out, they will need this strength to take them through a startling discovery made by a cousin's search of Arlene's aunt's jewelry box; a discovery that propels both her and Peter onto a journey into the past...and toward an unexpected future.


With the completion and subsequent self-publishing of her first novel, The Missing Motive, Lucille took her recreational writing to the next level, and added to her varied interests and experience. She currently teaches community college math, and has recently been engaging in survey research studies. Since producing The Missing Motive, Lucille has also written and self-published the novel Secrets. Its sequel, Chain of Secrets, has been released as an ebook, and the print version is soon to follow. Also recently published is The Promotable Employee, a guide on characteristics needed for workplace success. Lucille also holds a BA in mathematics from the University of the Virgin Islands, an MBA from Wright State University, and an MA in mathematics from the University of Houston. As for her other interests? These include watching sunsets and the night sky...and working on her fourth novel...