Young Winstone

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The first autobiography from the British screen legend

Ray Winstone is a leading British actor who through his uncompromising performances has taken over from Michael Caine as the definitively British "hard man." Thanks to his roles in Scum, Nil By Mouth, Sexy Beast, The Proposition, Beowulf, and The Sweeney, he is established as a British national treasure and is in constant demand in Hollywood. Born in England in 1957, Ray Winstone's life story is a fascinating and inspiring one, a classic rags-to-riches tale of a working class man who has literally fought his way to the top. Ray's dad ran a fruit and vegetable stall and his mom unloaded slot machines. Ray's teen years were hallmarked by his success as an amateur boxer which saw him train at the legendary Repton Amateur Boxing Club. He stopped boxing seriously the same year that Alan Clarke's film Scum was released. He was 22. Like Michael Caine, Winstone is an East End boy who celebrated his working class roots. This memoir is an inspiring and entertaining celebration of those roots.


Ray Winstone was born in February 1957. He started boxing at the age of 12 at the famous Repton Amateur Boxing Club, was three times London Schoolboy Champion and fought twice for England, UK. In 10 years of boxing, he won over 80 medals and trophies. Ray studied acting at the Corona School and went on to star in films such as Scum and Nil by Mouth.