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More About This Title Ghosts


Have you ever been haunted? You might like to be! What happens to a young woman who meets the ghost of a child Princess in a local church? How do the people survive when their town is visited by the real Black Death... or don't they? Was the beautiful woman the beachcomber met on a warm tropical evening real, or just a dream? "Ghosts, A Collection of Wraiths and Shadows", is a new work by Ron Poniatowski. Fifty stories fill this volume ranging from tales that will give you a chill, to seductions, murders and traditional hauntings. Ron Poniatowski is a Master of Fine Art and professional educator. His writing is for the enjoyment of himself and his readers. As a person who works daily with young people, he has been able to attain their feedback and critiques on these works. To date, many stories have been lent to students with very positive results, including one young lady who made the mistake of reading ‘A Girl on the Stair' in an unfamiliar old house in the dead of winter. "I was afraid to go upstairs" she said. With this in mind, Ron feels it's time to give yous a chance to enjoy tales that, so far, have only been shared with interested students.


Ron Poniatowski has enjoyed ghost stories since childhood. Whether around the campfire, in movies or as related by friends and relatives, these tales always sparked his imagination. In the 1990's he lived in an ancient and ‘active' house, that kept him entertained and pondering just what these manifestations were. Certainly there was some force present, but whether it was physical or from the beyond, he couldn't say. Ron is a Master of Fine Art and high school art educator in Wisconsin. He grew up in Racine, Wisconsin, where he attended Washington Park High School; Madison Area Technical College for Architectural Drafting; the University of Wisconsin Madison, earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education; the Pennsylvania State University for his Master of Fine Art, as well as other graduate courses in the US and abroad. Inspiration for these purely fictional works comes from his daily life and what one elementary teacher referred to his total ‘inability to stay on task'. This tendency toward a wandering mind and ‘having all of this tabs open at once,' as his wife puts it, allows him to make connections and function in a rather abstract world in both his writing and art. In this respect, his training as an artist has proven invaluable. In his spare time, he loves being with his family, especially his wife, Sue, for travel, skiing, sport fencing and enjoying their home. Ron also has an active interest scale modeling, art, history, architecture, photography, metal working (creating replicas of Medieval armor) and, of course writing. As an artist, his focus ranges from sculptural and functional ceramics, constructed sculptures, illustration and metalwork. Ron was in Operation Iraqi Freedom with the Wisconsin Army National Guard.