Raising Competent Teenagers

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A how-to guide that can be read straight through, or dipped into for advice on more than 100 different issues common to parents of teens

Traversing the teen years is tricky and challenging for most parents. Pornography, sex, cyber bullying, body piercing, drug experimentation, and tattoos are all part of adolescent life. How do you remain an effective, strong and compassionate parent, able to talk to your children as they become adult? This hands-on manual contains tools for keeping up communication with your teen. The author has distilled the wisdom of prominent parenting educators and her own knowledge as a medical doctor and also a mother of five children. More than 100 issues are discussed and are followed up with practical "what to do" ideas. Major areas discussed include brain and body changes, parent teen conflict, implementing rules and family values, saying no, narcissism and entitlement, and helicopter and tiger parenting.


Dr. Linda Friedland is an international health expert, medical doctor, television personality, well-regarded international speaker, and author. She delivers numerous keynotes and seminars globally and travels frequently presenting health, lifestyle, and illness prevention programs and keynotes for corporations throughout Asia, the U.S., the UK, Australia, and South Africa. Dr. Friedland's clients include numerous financial institutions, the healthcare and beauty industry, women's organizations, and the media.