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The third book in the series will take the boy hero on another new adventure... this time, Bradley must confront a dear friend who holds the key to release him from the affects of the kratennuim that is transforming his body into an evil creature. We meet some new characters in the third adventure, including "The Shadow Druid" and "The Witch of Rekab".

Bradley will be joined again by his two friends from Sandmouth... Musgrove and Sereny, who will follow their troubled friend back into Pathylon and try to help him reverse his transformation into a Werebeast.

The three intrepid adventurers will also be united with an American boy called Jefferson Crabtree from New York and together they all face more daunting tasks, as they fight new strains of evil that threaten the arcane world...


David was born in a mining village called Ravenfield near Rotherham in South Yorkshire within the United Kingdom. When he was years old, his parents moved across the road from number to number Braithwell Road (what’s the significance of this I hear you ask???). Well... had three bedrooms and only had two and this is where David’s thirst for storytelling and writing really began! You see... the problem was, he had an older brother called Philip (not a problem really... it was more of an uncomfortable situation back then because when the two boys lived at they had their own bedrooms... when they moved across the road they had to share one... gulp!) Anyhow, when bedtime arrived, Philip would pester his younger brother (our author) to make up stories before they went to sleep. The children’s books David has since written and had published follow the exploits of the young Bradley Baker and his time in the parallel world of Pathylon. David said: “The idea for Bradley Baker’s character and the plots were extracted from original stories I wrote as a child and narrated to my brother.”

This is a brief summary of the story behind David’s children’s adventures idea.... now it’s time for you to discover the new boy hero, created by our Devon based author – a character called Bradley Baker. The first two books in the amazing adventures series appear on the shelves of book stores throughout the UK to thrill and excite... the witches and wizards in J K Rowling’s books (brilliant as they are) have peaked... it’s now time to prepare yourselves for some good old fashioned courage and adventure mixed with a touch of magic and bucket loads of mystery.

David welcomes the opportunity to meet and greet his young fans during school visits in conjunction with UK book signing tours of Waterstone’s stores. The author has launched both Bradley Baker titles on his travels; book one is called ‘The Curse of Pathylon’, which introduces the year old boy hero and his adventures begin when he discovers a sacred gold coin in the rock pools whilst on holiday in Devon. Bradley is then magically transported down the plughole into the world of Pathylon where he encounters many dangerous tasks and unusual creatures.

David started to pen Bradley’s adventures following the millennium celebrations and after a number of rewrites he completed the first tome in , which was then published in . In , the second book in the series was published, which is called ‘The Amulet of Silvermoor’ and takes Bradley back down the plughole on another amazing adventure this time through a disused coal mine), which eventually leads him back into Pathylon. David said: We’re really excited about the release of both titles. They take the main protagonist from a timid shy boy through many stages of bravery and adversity, as the daunting tasks presented to him unfold. I am currently writing book three in the series, which will be titled ‘The Pyramids of Blood’ and I have plans to write more adventures for Bradley, which see him mature into a truly memorable character.”

David is very proud of the Bradley Baker adventure series and there are scenes in the books that describe landmarks about Devon and his own birth place in Yorkshire. Silvermoor, the abandoned coal mine in the second book is actually the colliery where he and his father worked... “Silverwood”. Also the main character in the series Bradley lives in a fictional village called Ravenswood, which is based on David’s own childhood village of “Ravenfield”.

David now resides in Torquay, Devon UK with his wife Tracey and youngest children Benjamin and Harriette.