Eye of the Beholder

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The photographs in this collection by photographer Laurie Salzler are ones where in a split-second something occurred, a physical morph where the subject left or changed, and spiritually stirred Salzler's soul. "Nothing remaining but a memory to be described as best one can. But sadly, memories fade and along with them the feelings evoked with them." Salzler has always said that if her photographs made just one person per day take notice of their surroundings and give into the emotions felt when they see something, this earth and its inhabitants have a better chance of surviving. May you be a force toward healing.


Sheila Pearsons has a BA in English, MA in Modern American Lit, and a Master’s in Library Science and was a librarian for more than thirty years with the Bay County Library System. Since retiring, she enjoys fly fishing, snowshoeing, and dabbling in watercolor. Hours spent on the beach, wading the rivers and collecting words have made for a happy third chapter in a most grateful life. Laurie Salzler holds a degree in Natural Resources Conservation and Outdoor Recreation. She has worked with animals (wild and domesticated) her entire life, including in the veterinary field and equine industry at training and breeding facilities in New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoys horseback riding, hiking, snowshoeing, bird-watching, and photography. She raised seeing-eye pups and started an in-home dog training hobby to help people develop into effective pack leaders with their dogs. She currently lives in Australia.