The Armada Boy

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A recently murdered American parallels a centuries-earlier murdered Spanish sailor when they appear to share the same motive in this reissue of the second book in the series

An American veteran of the D-Day landings on a sentimental journey with his old unit to their base is the last body archaeologist Neil Watson expects to find in the ruins of an old chapel. Neil turns to his old friend from student days, Detective Sergeant Wesley Peterson, for help. Ironically, both men are looking at an invading force—Wesley the World War II American veterans, and Neil a group of shipwrecked Spaniards reputed to have met a sticky end at the hands of outraged locals as they limped from the wreckage of the great Armada in 1588. Local memories prove retentive and Wesley is soon caught up in 50 year-old accusations, resentments, and romances. Wesley's case grows more perplexing, while Neil uncovers a tragic story from the distant past. More than 400 years apart, two strangers in a strange land have died violently, and Wesley is running out of time to find out why.


Kate Ellis is the author of the Wesley Peterson Series and the DI Joe Plantagenet series and has twice been nominated for the Crime Writers’ Association Short Story Dagger.


"Ellis unfolds an intricate yarn of misdirected revenge with all the assurance of a seasoned veteran of the genre."  —Publishers Weekly"[Ellis] writes with a nice sympathy for ordinary people caught up in the forces of history."  —Kirkus Reviews"A riveting follow-up to The Merchant's House."  —Library Journal