George Best In His Own Words

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This selection of BBC archive interviews with the celebrated soccer player begins in the 1970s, when George Best is enjoying success at a young age. It continues into the 1980s, by which times he has become a husband and father and has also had to come to terms with alcoholism. Career and personal highs and lows are discussed, along with recollections of his upbringing, reflections on relationships, drinking, and his deep passion for soccer. Final comments are heard in an interview with Nicky Campbell from 2000.

1 CD. 1 hr 4 mins.


George Best was the first pop star soccer player and had teenage girls flocking to Old Trafford decades before the likes of Giggs and Beckham. Unable to cope with the success and fame that his talent brought him, Best fell into alcoholism. Despite well-documented problems with his health and private life over the years, George Best retained the energy and character that had made him an icon to his many fans up until his death on November 25, 2005.