Expository Writing (Student Workbook) (Enhanced eBook)
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More About This Title Expository Writing (Student Workbook) (Enhanced eBook)


An Enhanced eBook is an electronic version of a Saddleback book that you can download to your computer and manipulate to fit your instructional needs. You will have the freedom to cut and paste any portion of the text into your own document; to extract and post pages and activities on your class website; to e-mail parents and your students individual pages from the eBook; to project the eBook contents on a whiteboard; and more! Enhanced eBook CDs


Motivation makes all the difference. And what's more motivating than the expectation of success? The instructions are clear and to the point, so students can quickly get down to writing practice in these 64-page worktexts. Helpful prompts pack the worktext lesson pages including illustrations, examples, and sample responses.