Administering Informix Dynamic Server

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Geared towards database server administrators who need to get a server up and running in a short amount of time, this guide focuses on the basic skills required to administer and maintain the Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) data server. Each of the major functional areas of the database server are reviewed, including designing, initializing, monitoring, building availability layers, securing data, and the data processing environment. This book reviews how the IDS works, how to install it, how to configure a database environment, back up, recovery, and includes an introduction to monitoring instance operations, making it useful to current IDS users who need to upgrade from earlier versions of the data server as well as those who have never used IDS before.


Carlton Doe was a data server administrator and 4GL developer for Informix for more than 10 years and is currently a senior certified consulting IT specialist for IBM. He cofounded the International Informix Users Group and served as its president and on its board of directors for several years. He is the author of Administering Informix Dynamic Server on Windows NT and Informix-OnLine Dynamic Server Handbook. He lives in Dallas, Texas.