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Used for a variety of purposes, from work to pleasure and many things in between, the boat has sparked innovation in the minds of people for thousands of years

The Boat—a vessel for escape, adventure, trade, or travel. This is a mode of transport of infinite variety and one that inspires serious passion, whether made of workmanlike bolted steel, sleek modern fiberglass, or lovingly hand-burnished timber. Photographer Simon Griffiths has an eye for the beauty of ordinary things; in Shack he showed us the eccentric living spaces and holiday homes that Australians have made out of simple dwellings. In Shed he peeked inside some of Australia's most intriguing sheds. Boat showcases the character and craftsmanship of all sorts of boats and boat builders, from old whaling boats to new high tech sailing boats.


Simon Griffiths is a leading photographer of food, interiors, and gardens. His photography has appeared in Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Companion and Kylie Kwong: My China. He has collaborated with Rick Eckersley and Lisa Stafford on Outside, with Jenna Reed Burns on Australian Gardens for a Changing Climate, and with Susan Irvine on The Garden at Forest Hall. He has also worked closely with Paul Bangay on all of his books, most recently Garden at Stonefields and Paul Bangay's Garden Design Handbook.