Adoption Deception

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Have you ever wondered how it might feel to have been adopted in Australia during the pre-1980s era in which vulnerable young mothers were coerced into relinquishing their babies? How it might feel to have grown up, become a social worker and worked with vulnerable children and families? This book provides answers to those difficult questions. Adoption Deception presents the personal and professional reflections of Penny Mackieson, an Australian adoptee and social worker, on issues associated with adoption – many of which are shared with donor conception and surrogacy. For anyone with an experience of or interest in adoption, whether personal or professional, who is open to perspectives other than those selectively portrayed by populist mainstream media, this book will provide invaluable insights.


Penny Mackieson was born in Melbourne in 1963. Placed with her adoptive family as a newborn, she was raised in the Buchan district of eastern Victoria. Penny completed Bachelor (1983) and Master’s (1989) degrees in Social Work at Melbourne University, and has since worked primarily in the children and family services sector, including child protection and intercountry adoption. For much of her career, Penny was employed by the Victorian government. After 12 years in intercountry adoption, Penny resigned at the end of 2013, dismayed by the re-popularization of adoption and popularization of overseas anonymous donor IVF and commercial surrogacy practices. Penny co-wrote her first nonfiction book, Real Women Love Footy published in 2003, with another friend passionate about football.