Butterflies of the South Pacific

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The South Pacific is a vast expanse of ocean—over 50 million km²—with tiny scattered islands and island groups. From Kiribati, Tuvalu, and Fiji in the west, to the far-flung Marquesas and Austral Islands in French Polynesia in the east, this book surveys and discovers the butterfly inhabitants of these tropical islands. For completeness, Hawai’i to the north—where there are many fewer islands in an otherwise empty ocean—is included. To the south and with a much larger land area, lies temperate New Zealand, with a further string of islands reaching into subantarctic waters.


Brian Patrick is the coauthor of several books on natural history and invertebrates, including Wild Dunedin, Wild Central, Wild Fiordland (with Neville Peat) and Butterflies and Moths of New Zealand (with Brian Parkinson). He has worked for the Department of Conservation, at the Otago Museum, and as director of the Alexandra Museum. Hamish Patrick is Brian’s son, and has assisted in the fieldwork for and writing of this book. He has completed his honors at Lincoln University.