January 1973

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American politics changed forever in January 1973.

In the span of thirty-one days, the Watergate burglars went on trial, the Nixon administration negotiated an end to the Vietnam War, the Supreme Court issued its decision in Roe v. Wade, Lyndon Johnson died in Texas (and Harry Truman passed away just a month earlier), and Richard Nixon was sworn in for his second term. The events had unlikely links and each worked along with the others to create a time of immense transformation. Roe in particular pushed political opponents to the outer reaches of each party, making compromise something that has become more and more difficult in our system of checks and balances.

Using newly released Nixon tapes, author and historian James Robenalt provides readers a fly-on-the-Oval-Office-wall look at events both fascinating and terrifying that transpired in the White House during this monumental month. He also delves into the judge’s chambers and courtroom drama during the Watergate break-in trial, and the inner sanctum of the US Supreme Court as it hashed out its decision in Roe v. Wade. Though the events took place more than forty years ago, they’re key to understanding today’s political paralysis.


James Robenalt is a trial lawyer and the author of The Harding Affair and Linking Rings. He, along with lecture partner John W. Dean, is a sought-after speaker on the Watergate scandal. For more information about James Robenalt and his book, please visit www.january1973.com.
John W. Dean was White House Counsel under Richard Nixon and is a bestselling author, most recently of The Nixon Defense.


“[Nixon] is always fascinating in Robenalt’s unvarnished portrait of a flawed leader grappling with momentous events and heading, ultimately, toward ruin.”—Kirkus Reviews“As a reader you will quickly realize you are in the hands of not only a good storyteller, but of a very sophisticated explainer, who has a gifted knack for making the complex matters easily understandable, and the inexplicable, comprehensible.”—John W. Dean, from the Foreword“A truly first-rate book… provides genuine illumination about all of the issues [Robenalt] discusses. There is no reader who can’t benefit from Robenalt’s research, presented in vivid and arresting (and always well-documented) prose." —Sanford Levinson, The History Book Club"In January 1973, Jim Robenalt takes a snapshot in time of a whirlwind month during the Nixon era – zeroing in on five major stories that converged in January of 1973 to change the arc of American history. It’s classic Jim Robenalt:  engaging, interesting while providing fresh insights and new stories from chapters of history you don’t know as well as you think you do." Jonathan Karl, ABC News’ Chief White House Correspondent“[The] book offers a keen reminder of the man's near-madness and (be it conceded) political genius.” —Cleveland Plain Dealer“[A] a revealing and easy-to-read book about a critical time in our nation's history.” —Lincoln Journal Star