The Spitfire Log

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Of all the aircraft that defended Britain's shores so gallantly during World War II, none inspired affection as did the Spitfire, the fighter that became a symbol of courage and determination during the Battle of Britain. Today, more than sixty years since its first flight, the Spitfire is still airborne, a star attraction at air shows and flypasts—one of the world's most famous and best-loved planes. This splendidly illustrated tribute to the fighter and the men who piloted her is essential reading for Spitfire fans of all generations. Published to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the death of the plane's creator, R.J. Mitchell, it brings together a fascinating collection of writings by those who flew, admired or simply loved the Spitfire. Famous Allied aces and war heroes such as Air Vice Marshal James "Johnnie" Johnson, Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader, and Flight Lieutenant Richard Hillary; novelists like Gavin Lyall and H. E. Bates; enthusiasts including Quentin Reynolds, Richard Dimbleby, and Alexander McKee—all these and many more record their memories and experiences of the fighter. Even German flying ace General Major Adolf Galland pays tribute to the plane that was once his sworn opponent.