Javier Marín

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This unique book is the result of a meeting between the Mexican sculptor Javier Marín and a psychoanalyst Néstir Braunstein. The intention here is not “applied” psychoanalysis to the expressionist vision of the human body, but rather it is the artist who poses the question through his work. The viewer, critic and art historian are all surprised by the unexpected transformation of the configured body. The viewer and the psychoanalyst have no choice but to dissect the art in front of them, and here they bring the reader along with them.


Néstor Braunstein is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. He is the co-author, editor, and author of hundreds of publications and 25 books, several of which have been translated into Portuguese, English and French. His most popular works include Psicología: ideología y ciencia, El goce: un concepto lacaniano and Clasificar en psiquiatría.