"Could You Lift Up Your Bottom?"

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More About This Title "Could You Lift Up Your Bottom?"


Hands-on activities and elementary math concepts that relate to simple geometry and differentiating, naming, and combining shapes expand this clever story about creative problem solving.


A gust of wind blows Frog’s hat off her head—and it’s stuck under Elephant’s big bottom. Elephant is hungry, and he won’t budge until Frog feeds him delicious foods that have unusual shapes. She brings him a round orange, a triangular sandwich, and a rectangular piece of chocolate. But elephant still won’t move his bottom. Will Frog ever get her pretty hat back?


Hee-jung Chang is a children’s book author. Sung-wha Chung is an illustrator whose previous book is Don’t Tell Anyone. Her work has been honored by the Noma Concours for Picture Book Illustrations and the Korean Andersen Drawing Contest.


"An effective choice for developing shape recognition mixed with some salty fun." —Kirkus Reviews“This book would make a great addition to any classroom library.” —Bergers Book Reviews