Jesus Son of Mary

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The book is in ten chapters, the first 7 dealing with a detailed analysis of the characteristics of Islam: universality, unity, shahada, salawat, and then proceeding with the discussion on Jesus, Mary and the Christians in the Qur’an, with commentaries of each relevant chapter of the Qur’an, verse by verse. Chapters 8-10 deal with relevant extracts from Ibn Arabi’s Fusus al-hikam and Futuhat al-makkiyya on John the Baptist, Zachariah, the Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, and Mary. The book is concluded by a detailed documentation of the chronology of the pertinent Qur’anic verses and side comments.


Jane Casewit holds two masters degrees in education and is an independent education consultant, translator and editor in Rockville, Md. Dr. Maurice Gloton was born in Paris in 1926. At the peak of his career he left the world of big business in France and devoted himself to diffusing Islamic spiritual writings to the French speaking public. Edin Q. Lohja has translated and edited over 80 volumes in Albanian, English, and Bosnian in the field of metaphysics, philosophy, and spirituality. Sara Swetzoff is an assistant editor for the journal Sociology of Islam and a PhD student in Howard University's African Studies program.