A Sparrow Came Down Resplendent

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Elegiac, bittersweet and generous of spirit – a major poet’s most beautiful work to date. Always willing to take aesthetic and artistic risks, Stuart Ross is the author of some of Canada’s most daring, and also most rewarding, poetry. Long celebrated for his surreal narratives and humorous wordplay, here Ross focuses more intensely on intimate subject matter – investigating the often complex, often absurd, but always powerful connections between loved ones. The care and delicacy with which he renders these portraits of family members, friends, mentors – and even himself – is nothing short of arresting. And readers – both those familiar with his work and those new to it – will admire the dexterity with which he juxtaposes such pieces with more audacious inventions.


Stuart Ross is the author of fifteen books of fiction, poetry and essays. His many dozens of chapbooks include Nice Haircut, Fiddlehead, A Pretty Good Year and In My Dream. Stuart is a member of the improvisational noise trio Donkey Lopez, whose CDs include Juan Lonely Night and Working Class Burro. He is a founding member of the Meet the Presses collective and has his own imprint, a stuart ross book, at Mansfield Press.


“Ross doesn’t waste a word, and the impact is often breathtaking.” – Susan G. Cole, NOW

“Stuart Ross uses humour as a subversive weapon.” – Barbara Carey, Toronto Star