Look Where I Live!/¡Mira Donde Vivo!

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More About This Title Look Where I Live!/¡Mira Donde Vivo!


A delightful look and find book for children to practice foreign language vocabulary

In a delightfully unusual language-learning series, children learn vocabulary by visiting colorful houses around the world, and playing I Spy in each. Each house displays lots of fascinating things to search and find. The repetitious language and the excellent practice of a wide variety of useful words make these books absorbing fun in French or Spanish, while children also discover the differences and similarities in each of the different homes across the globe.


Catherine Bruzzone has more than 20 years experience teaching languages to children and developing innovative language-learning programs. Louise Comfort is the illustrator of the Fairy Phones series, including Daisy's Necklace, Lily's Busy Day, and Rosie's Surprise.


"...an endlessly interactive, internation game of I Spy... A wonderfully fun exercise in basic geography, visual acuity, and linguistic decoding."  –Booklist