Epic Kitchen Adventures

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Entertaining countless followers and subscribers with his YouTube posts, Raphael Gomes has been sharing his outrageous fast food recipes with hungry fans across the globe. His new and quirky cookbook provides tried and tested recipes that promise to be ready in minutes. With basic prep-time and speedy delivery, these yummy treats are perfect for those looking for something more fun and less time consuming than standard cookbooks. With the accompanying free app, readers can access additional exclusive content. By scanning icons throughout the book they will be able to unlock the new videos, pictures and advice from Raphael to help them snack with style and with speed. Approximately 50 recipes include Chocolate Mug Cake, 3 Ingredient Nutella Muffins, Crispy Bacon and Cheese Roll-Ups, One-Minute Microwave Mini Pizzas, and Oreo Popcorn. Includes metric measures.


Raphael Gomes, aka #raphablueberry, is an internet sensation. He has fans around the world but notably in the United States, Canada, Australia, Portugal, India, Singapore, Malaysia, The Netherlands and Germany. In his teens Raphael took to vlogging on YouTube where he combined his passion for cooking to create Cooking with Raphael and now It’s Rapha Blueberry, a YouTube sensation with more than 202,000 followers.