The Smart Guide to Getting Things Done

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A comprehensive guide to maximizing productivity, The Smart Guide to Getting Things Done provides readers with the tools to better manage a hectic lifestyle. An ideal resource for anyone wanting to catch up on lingering to-do items, this book gives practical, easy-to-follow advice on living a more efficient lifestyle while emphasizing personal growth through better time management.


Jeff Davidson is a professional speaker and an authority on time management and work-life balance issues. He is the author several books, including Breathing Space and Simpler Living. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. Some people think of Jeff Davidson as a human dynamo who accomplishes more in a day than many people get done in a week. Many people know Jeff as the author of numerous books, translated into Japanese, Chinese, French, Polish, Czech, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Hebrew, and Italian. Countless others have seen or heard him on a talk show. Jeff has shared the spotlight on magazine covers with Tony Robbins and Dr. Wayne Dyer. His speeches have been featured on ten occasions in Vital Speeches of the Day along with the likes of Dr. Henry Kissinger, Lee Iacocca, George Bush (senior), William Bennett, Michael Eisner, and Alan Greenspan. He has been featured in 68 of the top 75 newspapers in America, based on circulation, including USA Today, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the Chicago Tribune.