The Young Chieftain

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Has life ever ganged up on you, hit you from behind, and forced you to become a totally new person?

The day his dad is killed, this is exactly what happens to Jamie. Suddenly, he and his mother must travel from the comfort of their Los Angeles home to a remote Scottish island to have him buried. Here, Jamie finds himself at the heart of ancient feuds where even his own life is now at risk. There's a mysterious, magical stone; a secret place only true chieftains can find; and a huge struggle for power. In the midst of all this chaos—will Jamie meet his true fate or find his destiny?


Ken Howard is a television director who has won many of the most prestigious broadcasting awards, including an Emmy and a BAFTA, and a celebrated composer who was the first British writer to pen hits for Elvis Presley. He lives part of the time outside Los Angeles.


"The right mix of adventure, magic, secrets, and suspense and interaction between adult and young adult lives. I love the mix of the contemporary and the heritage."  —Black Book News