Oliver Fibbs and the Attack of the Alien Brain

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More About This Title Oliver Fibbs and the Attack of the Alien Brain


Oliver is the Defender of Planet Earth, and he must save the human race from the evil alien brain—or perhaps that's just his overactive imagination again

Hi! I'm Oliver Tibbs (some people call me "Oliver Fibbs") and everyone in my family is super-brilliant at something—chess, ballet, brain surgery, and architecture—but I'm not brilliant at anything. Show and Tell (or as I call it: Pain and Torture Time) is my worst nightmare . . . I haven't got a black belt at karate or made a mega-powerful electro-magnet. All I'm good at is reading comics and eating pizza. But I'm fed up with being dull and boring, so I've been telling the class about my adventures as a Defender of Planet Earth—battling against the evil Alien Brain Drain who wants to take over the world! Everyone loved it except Miss Wilkins, who gave me a detention for telling fibs. Now my parents think I'm Going Bad. I keep telling them—they're not fibs, they're stories!


Steve Hartley is the author of the Danny Baker Record Breaker series. Bernice Lum is an illustrator whose works include 12 Steps to Heaven, the If I Had a Dog series, and the Ruby Rogers series.


"Playful typography, comic-strip sequences, and off-the-cuff storytelling combine entertainingly in this first bok in the Oliver Fibbs series. . . It's madcap silliness from start to finish."  –Publishers Weekly