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In Backlash, Mike Klaassen skillfully weaves the raw realities of war with the experiences and emotions of diverse and disparate characters to bring us an adult novel, rooted in historical fact and the core of human nature: a great read.—Keith A. Herkalo, President, War of 1812 Museum "Klaassen sticks closely to the facts and skillfully weaves real history into an enjoyable and absorbing narrative. This is historical fiction that even a stickler for accuracy and documentation will find pleasurable reading."—Rick Conwell, Museum and History Store manager, Tippecanoe Battlefield Museum, Battle Ground, Indiana. "The story of the War of 1812, which had no clear victor, is a conflict that will continually be debated among historians. It has been described as the war that both sides won and the war that nobody won. A Canadian historian suggested that Americans think that they won the war, that Canadians know that they won the war, and that the British are blissfully unaware that the conflict took place. It is a complex story. Using the War of 1812 as the setting for Backlash, Mike Klaassen has done a superb job of weaving his story around the facts. This novel is extremely engaging and with Klaassen’s attention to detail and accurate portrayal of the life and times of that era, his book is not only highly entertaining but also very educational. Readers will enjoy the drama and are sure to learn something new. Backlash is a very welcome addition to recent fiction and nonfiction based on the colourful events at a time when America and Canada were anything but friendly neighbours."—Ron Dale, author, historian, and former Superintendent of Niagara National Historic Sites of Canada. "Backlash is a fitting close to the War of 1812 bicentennial. It is packed full of details that will captivate readers who know the war. It's careening narrative will grab anyone looking for a great yarn."—Douglas Kohler, Erie County Historian


Mike Klaassen is the author of two young-adult novels, The Brute and Cracks. He has also written two nonfiction books: "Fiction-Writing Modes: Eleven Essential Tools for Bringing Your Story to Life" and "Scenes and Sequels: How to Write Page-Turning Fiction." He publishes "For Fiction Writers," a free monthly ezine about the craft of writing fiction. For more, visit