The Ogglies of Smelliville

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The Ogglies eat rusty cans and love sticky soup. They have green skin, lumpy noses, and tough teeth. Come and meet the Oggly family doing normal Oggly things like cooking bootlace soup and untidying the living room and join the Oggly twins on a whirlwind dragon adventure. 


Erhard Dietl is an author, illustrator, and songwriter. He has written over 100 books, available in translation in numerous languages around the world. Erhard Dietl has been awarded the Austrian Youth Literature Prize, and other notable literary awards. He currently lives in Munich.


“Children of four upwards should enjoy the revolting habits of this unusual family - such as making bootlace soup, drinking shampoo, and decorating the lounge with rubbish. The cartoon-type illustrations are similarly full of disgusting scenes which youngsters will enjoy studying to find the awful bits.” —KidsBooksNZ