I Never Knew That About Scotland

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Bestselling author Christopher Winn takes us on the ultimate journey around Scotland. Traveling county by county, this irresistible miscelllany unearths the enthralling stories, firsts, birthplaces, legends, and inventions that shape the country's rich and majestic history. To uncover the spellbinding tales that lie hidden within Scotland's wild and romantic shores, to experience what inspired the country's powerful literature and towering castles, and to tread in the footsteps of her villians and victors is to capture the spirit of this fascinating country and bring every place you visit to life. You will discover the story of the original sweetheart, John Balliol, whose embalmed heart is buried beside his devoted wife Devorgilla at Sweetheart Abbey in Kirkcudbrightshire. In Aberdeen you will find the only granite cathedral in the world. And you will hear the haunting echo of the Bear Gates of Traquair House in Peeblesshire were slammed shut when Bonnie Prince Charlie left Scotland in 1746—legend has it that they will never be reopened until a Stuart King once more sits on the throne. This beautifully illustrated treasure trove of a book is the perfect gift, and will act as an eye-opening guide to thrilling, alluring, and ever-bewitching Scotland.

Sales Points

- I Never Knew That About England and I Never Knew That About Ireland have together sold over 126,000 copies- Perfect gift package for the Schott's Miscellany market- Charming black and white illustrations throughout


Christopher Winn writes quiz questions for television as well as for Daily Mail and Daily Express. He is the author of I Never Knew That About England and I Never Knew That About Ireland.