The Great British Pepper Cookbook

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The Great British Pepper Cookbook not only explains the wonderful world of commercial pepper production in the UK, but includes pepper recipes for every season and occasion written by food writers, chefs, and culinary experts. Much more than a cookbook, it provides a detailed account of the vegetable’s journey to Britain, how the pepper industry started, and how the UK produces 28 million tons of peppers a year. It then explains how to cook the many different types of peppers, providing cooking tips across pastry making, stocks and soups, baking, and roasting. The perfect gift for any vegetable enthusiast and budding cook, The Great British Pepper Cookbook is everything you ever need to know about peppers and how to cook


Liz O’ Keefe is a chef, journalist, and editor specializing in food and drink. She is the former cookery editor of Eat In magazine, the creator of the Seasonal Dinner Parties website, and a chef for the Good Food Channel website. She is a judge for the Guild of Fine Foods’ Great Taste Awards.