Ponga un robot en su vida

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Artificial intelligence and robotics are changing the world as we know it. In modern society, the role of robots range from assisting with surgical procedures to transporting heavy equipment and translating languages. However, will robots ever have feelings? This book explores robotics in a fun way, describing human-brain simulators, nano-robots, pal-robotics, and drones. Additionally, the author discusses what might become humanity’s biggest challenge: the dangers that robots bring with them.


Jorge Blaschke is an award-winning journalist, a radio director, and a TV-documentary producer. He has written more than 50 books on religion, the occult, and meditation, including Más allá de Conny Méndez and Más allá de lo que tú sabes. Blaschke has also studied astronomy and paleontology and has co-directed archaeological expeditions to Algeria.