Rhymes DVD / CD Set

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We Sign Rhymes is a wonderful way for children to learn and enjoy classic Mother Goose and Nursery Rhymes by combining them with American Sign Language, ASL with songs. This DVD supports the learning and memorization these children’s important rhymes and is ideal for preschool and elementary children. Parents and teachers will enjoy Mother Goose Rhymes at signing times each day to build vocabulary and reading readiness. Special features include: a Spanish language track, instructor track, We Sign Kids Track, subtitles, a song jukebox, closed captioning and repeat play.


Georgia Frawley, MA, has taught classes on child development, parenting, and marriage and family for more than 30 years, and has performed more than 1000 musical programs. She is the coauthor and producer of the We Sign DVD series and the coauthor of the Sign to Speak series. Ken Frawley has presented Play-Along Song programs for more than 20 years and has instructed early childhood professionals, teachers, and parents on how to use playful songs with children for fun, development, and learning. He has written and produced 200 children’s songs. He is the coproducer of the We Sign DVD series that has won over 50 national awards of excellence and is the coauthor of the Sign to Speak series. They live in Orange, California