Moritzburg Palace and Little Pheasant Palace

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Moritzburg Palace is one of the most magnificent hunting palaces of the electorates and kings of Saxony. From the hunting residence of Duke Moritz of Saxony, after whom the place was named, arose a baroque residential complex which continues to enchant visitors to this day. The palace itself rises on an artificial island in the middle of the Moritzburg pond area. The four massive round towers are reflected in the water. On the inside one can admire the exquisite interior decoration of the 18th century. Belonging to the Moritzburg surroundings are ponds and forests, gardens, a miniature lighthouse and the fascinating Little Pheasant Castle. With its exotic roof finial emulating examples from East Asia, this little palace served Elector Friedrich August III of Saxony and his family as a private retreat. Until 1918, the Moritzburg hunting grounds counted among the favourite hunting areas of the Saxon kings. Huge antlers and exotic trophies on the interior of the palace recall the passion for hunting of the Wettins and the splendor of the court of August the Strong.


Matthias Donath is art historian and writer. He did a lot of research about the art and architecture in saxony and especially the region of Dresden and Meißen.