Lady Sophia and the Satan

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Did Sophia die? The question presents an ominous case. For what could be more sinister than a world without wisdom? So, I asked Sophia what happened after the great lion-faced light-power of the Pistis Sophia cleaned out her light, devoured that light, and thrust her matter into chaos. And she said, “How do you rape the wind?” Here, I said to myself, was the voice I wished to narrate my novella. __A Note from the Author Hear the voice of Lady Sophia through a whirlwind of classic allusions in a game of hearts. Gaze upon the quickening where the satan comes, and a court of owls gathers in the twilight, as Mr. Raven says: “Home is ever so far away in the palm of your hand, and how to get there it is of no use to you.” Journey along an apocalyptic plot with the Adams’ family where Wicked Engineers reverse Nature’s Laws and Nature’s God. The climate is changing. (insert cover image) All they that hate me love death. __Lady Sophia / Proverbs 8: 36 KJV


james stewart is a practicing forensic professional with 25 years experience in evaluating criminal offenders. He currently specializes in ethical problems for an individual when appealing to natural law or natural right.