The Frenchman

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Meet The Frenchman. His name is Louis Messette. He’s rich. He’s ruthless. And he’s in for a surprise when he meets American Fleur Smithers. The daughter of his family’s arch enemy — Marie the Mercenary, the sworn eradicator of crime in Toulon’s ports — is sexy as sin. And gullible as hell. College grad Fleur Smithers thinks moving to France to spend a year with her newly found biological mother will make her more sophisticated. Only . . . everything about the country emphasizes her inexperience, especially one gorgeous, brooding, international rugby star named Louis Messette. When their first encounter goes wildly awry, Fleur’s determined to avoid the rude Frenchman. But her attraction bests her, and soon she's seduced into world of wanton pleasure by Louis who seems to open up to her in the hub of the glittering Côte d'Azur and the along the soulful Seine in Paris. But even Fleur, who makes it a point to avoid asking tough questions, begins to suspect something is wrong. Should she find out who her Frenchman really is, far more than her heart will be at stake. And Fleur will be forced to face the toughest question of all . . . what is she willing to sacrifice for love?


Lesley Young is an award-winning magazine journalist and the bestselling author of multi-genre fiction including the romantic suspense series Jet-settters & Jeopardy and the sci-fi romance series featuring Cassiel Winters. She lives in Toronto, where you can find her at a local coffee shop penning one story or another. Young is represented by Spencerhill & Associates and is both self-published and published by Soulmate Publishing. Chat with her at You can also visit and sign up for new release news.