El zen aplicado a los negocios

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The difficulties that the study of Zen poses from an intellectual standpoint are quite varied. Zen cannot be explained. We can raise real-life issues, and, from there, approach some possible solution its ancient wisdom could offer. The knowledge of Zen is like those dreams that encroach upon us at night like a fabulous and coherent story, but when we try to put them into words the moment we wake up, we realize that they become meaningless, and we are left with that sensation that something marvelous has escaped our hands at the very last moment. The author suggests applying these millennial teachings, as well as those cast to the wind by the true teachers of thought and spirituality, and see how they come to life in aiding the challenges posed by the business world from all its perspectives.


Juan José Puente is a professor of Social Communications. He also contributes to various graphic and digital media outlets, and teaches courses on the tools needed to improve the organizational climate in top level companies going through fusion, expansion, or transformation processes. In addition, he advises the innovative ventures responsible for organizing sporting and recreational events regarding team-building and corporate identification campaigns.