Best Australian Political Cartoons 2014

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Discover the year 2014 in politics as observed by Australia’s funniest and most perceptive political cartoonists. With Dean Alston, Peter Broelman, Warren Brown, Pat Campbell, Andrew Dyson, John Farmer, First Dog on the Moon, Matt Golding, Fiona Katauskas, Mark Knight, Jon Kudelka, Bill Leak, Alan Moir, Peter Nicholson, Bruce Petty, David Pope, David Rowe, John Spooner, Ron Tandberg, Andrew Weldon, Cathy Wilcox, Paul Zanetti, and many more.


Russ Radcliffe is the creator and editor of the annual Best Australian Political Cartoons series. He has edited collections from some of Australia’s finest political cartoonists, including Alan Moir, Bruce Petty, Bill Leak, Matt Golding, and Judy Horacek. He is the recipient of the Jim Russell Award for services to Australian cartooning.