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Gwendolyn Overland holds bachelor and master degrees in music performance, an MFA in Acting and a PhD from UCLA in Theatre Arts. Her dissertation was on the international opera stage director and designer Jean-Pierre Ponnelle. She also holds graduate degrees from Meridian University in clinical psychology. Gwendolyn teaches part time at Rogue Community College, leads Expressive Voice Dynamics workshops internationally, and maintains a private expressive voice studio. Gwendolyn’s private and group sessions are for everyone seeking artistic and/or creative self-expression—for those who want to open themselves to their voices and thereby to themselves and their world. Through the playful sounding of vowels and consonants in improvisations and focused exercises, trust in vocal capacities is reawakened. Unimagined possibilities of range, color, power, and meaning emerge. You may reach her either at the address below or through her website: