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In STRANGELOVE, Fantage's first national tour was pockmarked with calamity, but they still came out of it with their elusive record deal as well as a new legion of fans. FANTASTIC IMAGES picks up the story line as Fantage returns to New York as hometown heroes. While the band tries to adjust to their sudden notoriety, newlyweds Shelly and Nigel Thompson try to adjust to their pending parenthood, all under the invasive eye of the media. Even before their debut album reaches the record stores, Fantage is slated to head back on the road as the opening act for aging British rocker and renowned playboy Corey Wolfe. The venues are bigger, the fans are more aggressive and the parties much wilder, but when old heartaches and long-buried secrets resurface things really start spiraling out of control. Will Fantage survive the pressure cooker long enough to grab a Grammy Award and will true love ultimately prevail?


S.A. Youngman is a lifelong storyteller and published playwright (ALMOST HEAVEN; THE LEGEND OF QUASIMODO, REVISITED) as well as an artist and ‘80s geek . Her debut novel STRANGELOVE was Part I of The Museum Project Series and, after FANTASTIC IMAGES, the series will culminate with TRILOGY where the band faces its mortality at the end of the tumultuous decade. Follow Ms. Youngman on Twitter (@fantage85) and Facebook (S.A.Youngman) and visit her webpage ( for updates on all of her publications.