Design and Science

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Design and Science is an account of the life of Will Burtin who, it has been said, was to graphic design what Albert Einstein was to physics. Courted by the Nazi party, Burtin made an escape to America to protect his Jewish wife. There he made important contributions to international typography and visual design. His work was of enormous scope, working for the likes of magazines and pharmaceutical companies. Best known for his giant, walk-through scientific models of the brain and a blood cell, Will Burtin receives here the treatment he deserves as one of the greatest designers of the 20th century.


R. Roger Remington is Professor of Graphic Design at Rochester Institute of Technology. His books include American Modernism – Graphic Design: 1920 to 1960 (2003). Robert S. P. Fripp is a writer and producer. As a student in the 1960s, he worked as a junior assistant to Will Burtin and is married to Burtin's daughter, Carol.