Working with Substance-affected Parents and Their Children

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More About This Title Working with Substance-affected Parents and Their Children


Working with families where one or more parents are dependent on, or have problems with, alcohol or other drugs can be complex, stressful, and intense. In addition, the problematic use of alcohol or other drugs is often accompanied by a range of other issues including trauma, poor mental health, child neglect and abuse, domestic violence, and relationship problems, as well as financial, legal, employment, and housing difficulties. This resource has been designed to assist new case workers across many different settings to better support parents struggling to overcome substance use problems. Based on extensive consultation with professionals from alcohol and other drug treatment centers, child and family welfare sectors, and leading academics in the fields of addiction and child protection, this book has been organized around understanding and overcoming commonly experienced practice dilemmas. There is advice on developing positive relationships with parents and children, guidelines on what to look for when undertaking an assessment, strategies for ensuring the safety of families, improving family life and assisting parents when children are in care, and recommendations for self-care and professional development. This is an essential book for both students and professionals working in this field.


Dr Menka Tsantefski is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the School of Human Services and Social Work, Griffith University specializing in child and family-related subjects. Dr Stefan Gruenert is a registered psychologist and CEO of Odyssey House, Victoria. Dr Lynda Campbell has more than 40 years’ experience in the child and family welfare sector, including 20 years as a lecturer in Social Work at the University of Melbourne.