Apollo in meinem Atelier

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The painter and sculptor Heinz Mack (b. 1931) made a name for himself in the international art world above all with his architectural and sculptural works and his paintings. From the very beginning, light, space, colour and motion belonged to his prevailing themes. The catalogue shows a condensed selection of works from his most diverse periods of creativity. In this, he brings together sculptures, paintings, kinetic objects, and models from his utopian societies.


Eva Mueller-Remmert is an art historian, author and curator of Museum Kueppersmuehle in Duisburg, Germany. Together with Walter Smerling she organizes the Sammlung Stroeher. Further publications she edited in cooperation with other authors: Fred Thieler: Malerei and Bernhard Schultze and Gegenwelten. Walter Smerling is the chairman of the Foundation for Art and Culture in Bonn, the director of the Center for Modern and Contemporary Art in Duisburg, and the artistic director of Foundation Salzburg. He is the author of 60 Jahre – 60 Werke: Kunst aus der Bundesrepublik Deutschland von 1949 bis 2009; Art and Press: Kunst, Wahrheit, Wirklichkeit and the editor of Anthony Cragg: Things on the Mind/Dinge im Kopf.