Above the Din of War

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In Above the Din of War,  Peter Eichstaedt focuses on the people of Afghanistan themselves, drawing out Afghans from all walks of life: a former warlord, a Taliban judge, courageous women parliamentarians, would-be suicide bombers, besieged merchants, frightened mullahs, and desperate archaeologists. The book explores a country that both vexes and fascinates the world and relates what its people have to say about living through years of continual unrest, violence, and negative international attention. From his time spent interviewing and living with the people of Afghanistan, Eichstaedt proposes strategies that could avoid leaving Afghanistan mired in chaos and war. This thought-provoking title from a journalist’s point of view adds a human element to this complex international situation.


Peter Eichstaedt is a veteran journalist who has reported from locations worldwide, including Slovenia, Moldova, Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, and Uganda. He worked most recently as the Afghanistan Country Director of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, during which time he managed six journalism development programs, including the Afghan Investigative Journalism Fund, a one-year project to build investigative journalism reporting capacity. He is the former Africa editor for the Institute of War and Peace Reporting in the Hague and the author of Consuming the Congo, First Kill Your Family, If You Poison Us, and Pirate State. He lives in Denver, Colorado.


"Authentic voices of Afghanistan—ones the US news media have not brought you—come to life through Eichstaedt’s capable reporting as compelling reading, vitally important for their future. And ours." —David Isby, author, Afghanistan: Graveyard of Empires


Above the Din of War is a critical read for anyone looking to understand what’s at stake and likely to happen as American forces leave Afghanistan in 2014.” —Tom A. Peter, Afghanistan correspondent, The Christian Science Monitor

 "These are vivid, mostly sympathetic portraits of Afghans who have weathered decades of chaos, and though a solution still seems far-off, Eichstaedt has done a great service by bringing their perspectives to the American public. . . . illuminating, timely, and necessary."  —Publishers Weekly"A work of skilled and brutally honest journalism. Heartbreaking and spellbinding dispatches from a country descending into madness." —Kirkus Reviews"Filled with testimony from the Afghan people, this is an eyeopening, important examination of Afghanistan today."—Booklist"Peter Eichstaedt's portrait of Afghanistan, based on a year of travel there, is revealing and unusual because he invites the views of locals from all kinds of backgrounds."—South China Morning Post"Powerful collection of interviews with Afghan people."—Denver Post