The Cast Iron Man

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From an early age Edward Harcourt knew that he was expected to devote his life to his late father’s silk-making business. Failing this, the only other option open to him was to join his ‘Uncle’ Richard in Norfolk and specialise in brocade. Neither choice appealed – but what did interest him was the mystery surrounding this ‘Uncle’ Richard. When the long-hidden truth finally emerged, Edward fled in horror from the certain knowledge of his parentage, and found himself in London ready to start a new life. Desperate to distance himself from his family’s industry, he opted for work in the manufacture of cast iron fireplaces and curios. There he found considerable success – and an escape from his mother‘s suffocating grasp. Set in the last years of the nineteenth century 'The Cast Iron Man' continues the turbulent saga of the Harcourt and Goodwin families first introduced in 'The Silk Maker'.


Michael Legat began writing at a very early age, but most of his career was devoted to publishing. However, having worked as an editorial director for some years, in 1978 he decided to leave the trade and take up writing full time. In 1980 his first novel, Mario’s Vineyard, was published and this was followed by a series of other very well received and successful works. He remained heavily involved in the publishing industry until his death in 2011, serving on various committees and was also president of two writers’ circles. He was also active in pasing on his writing skills to both indivduals and by selective teaching and, of course, through his various publications and guides.