Anselm Kiefer Die Buchstaben

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Modern civilization would be inconceivable without letters. The printed word, made out of letters strung together to form sentences and scripture, has very much shaped our existence. Anselm Kiefer’s work Die Buchstaben, which is being portrayed in this volume, is all about the power of the word. Impressive images such as sunflowers growing out of a printing machine and rolls of film and letters scattered across the floor come together to form a complex and poetic installation.


Anselm Kiefer was, in 1965, a student of painting by Peter Dreher in Freiburg. In 1969 he continued studying at the "Akademie der bildenden Künste Karlsruhe" by Horst Antes. In 1970-72 he was a member of Beuys class at the "Düsseldorfer Kunstakademie". In 1987 his works were featured in an exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago. His works have been featured in several museums and he is one of the most famous contemporary artists.