The Shapiro Diamond

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Reckless and headstrong Jan Shapiro resigned himself to the fact that he would never learn the intricate skills of diamond cutting. But this was the family business and his father, a devout Jew, saw it as Jan’s duty to follow in his footsteps. Depressed and frustrated, Jan rashly decided to leave his native Amsterdam and his childhood sweetheart to begin a new life. He would set sail for South Africa and find work in the diamond mines. On board the ship he teamed up with Harry Templeton, an eager young Englishman, and the two journeyed together to the diamond mines. What lay ahead was a story of passion, love, betrayal – and riches beyond measure.


Michael Legat began writing at a very early age, but most of his career was devoted to publishing. However, having worked as an editorial director for some years, in 1978 he decided to leave the trade and take up writing full time. In 1980 his first novel, Mario’s Vineyard, was published and this was followed by a series of other very well received and successful works. He remained heavily involved in the publishing industry until his death in 2011, serving on various committees and was also president of two writers’ circles. He was also active in pasing on his writing skills to both indivduals and by selective teaching and, of course, through his various publications and guides.