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Based in the Philadelphia suburbs with a twist of New Jersey life, Living Anonymous chronicles the trials and tribulations of a young impressionable girl maturing into womanhood. Abandoned by her drug addicted mother and absentee father, nine year old Aneesah Bradshaw is forced to live with her foster family in Ardmore, PA. Behind the picket fence in this middle class suburb, lies a dark secret of child abuse and neglect, until one day Aneesah befriends Capree Johnson who saves Aneesah from that nightmare. Life is sweet living with the Johnson family, led by music tycoon Kevin "KJ" Johnson founder of iLLADELPHIA Records. Aneesah is thrown into the lap of luxury, mingling with the stars and able to afford anything her heart desires but at the age of 15, life throws her another blow as her biological mother returns to re-claim the daughter she has once lost. Now, a recovered drug addict, Rita simply wants to be part of her daughter's life. Aneesah accidently stumbles into the music world and becomes one of the most sought out producers. Rita objects this lifestyle for her underage daughter and forbids her to follow her dream but with the support and help from KJ, she hides her identity and is dubbed The Anonymous Producer, becoming a myth in the entertainment world. Aneesah develops a romantic relationship with hip-hop artist Victor Hastings but when she is betrayed by him and her best friend, Aneesah breaks away from the music industry and journey's out into the world on her own. She stumbles upon James Hennessey aka Nyce and falls for him hard. Intoxicated by his love, Aneesah finally is at peace and returns to her passion for music. Now of age, she no longer has to hide her identity and records her first studio album as an artist but her new found success is bringing unwanted attention to Nyce, who has a hidden identity of his own.