The Golden Age of the KPM

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The Hassan Sabet Collection mainly focuses on the type of decoration known as Weichmalerei. The porcelain pieces in the collection provide a broad overview of both the excellence of the painting and sculpture as well as the characteristics of the Berlin factory's products during the last third of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries. The Hassan Sabet Collection provides the basis for this unique, fundamental guide to Weichmalerei, which presents the current state of research on the production of these fascinating highlights from the KPM Berlin. This special collection was assembled during a span of more than thirty years, and exclusively comprises high-quality decorative porcelain pieces from the KPM Berlin. An extremely homogeneous collection of historicist porcelain unlike any found in museums worldwide. The neo-rococo-inspired forms of the porcelain, previously unknown for the most part, were, like the painting, thoroughly examined in order to demonstrate the specific peculiarities of the objects of the KPM. The impressively wide variety of designs attests to the KPM's enthusiasm for experimentation during the second half of the 19th century - in the use of novel decorative techniques, the Berlin factory was the world leader at that time.


Now working at the Museum in Velten, Dr. Franca Dietz worked before at the KPM (Königliche Porzellanmanufaktur) in Berlin. Hassan Sabet is an art collector and art dealer.