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The enemy exposed! Nikselpik Nur has become the city of Hightower’s staunchest—albeit unwilling—ally. He’s hardly learned to cope with his debilitating bugging addiction, much less take on the duties of being the city’s First Wizard. Can he embrace this new path? And will he? Meanwhile, Stena Wavebreaker is pulled from her seafaring duties by the Precisor General and given command of a raggedy airship to scout the ultraworldly enemy from the skies above the Southern Reaches. Her mission: gain the support of the unpredictable elves. Lastly, Niksabella Nur has set off from Hightower at the behest of the grim stonekin leader, Jontuk. The gnomestress must unlock the full potential of her invention, the recursive mirror, and her own powers, to bear what might be the heaviest burden of all. What will she discover along the way? And will Jontuk be able to keep her alive long enough to save them? This is book two of Kenny Soward's epic "gnomepunk" fantasy, GnomeSaga!


Kenny Soward grew up in Crescent Park, Kentucky, listening to hard rock and playing outdoors. Kenny's love for books flourished early, a habit passed down to him by his uncles; in high school spent many days in detention for reading fantasy fiction during class. The transition to author was a natural one for Kenny. At the University of Kentucky, he took creative writing classes under Gurny Norman, former Kentucky Poet Laureate and author of Divine Rights Trip (1971). By day, Kenny works as a Unix professional; at night, he writes and sips bourbon. Follow him online at kennysoward.com.