The Great Passenger Ships of the World

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The eighth edition of the “Kludas” guide to passenger ships is once again a highly reliable reference work – an absolute must-have for fans of ships and cruises! Passenger ships from across the world are racking up superlatives at an incredible rate – ever bigger, ever more spectacular, ever more luxurious – and so around 80 “giants” over 10,000 GT have been added since the last edition in 2010. This edition presents 858 ships with updated histories, technical details and predominantly new photos. A book that perfectly combines reliable information with stunning visuals!


Frank Heine, born in 1965, is editor of the trade journal "Ferries". Frank Lose, born 1967, is editor in chief of "Ferries". The writing team is complemented by Raoul Fiebig - an experienced journalist and cruise expert. Together, the three authors are continuing the tradition that Arnold Kludas once began with his work on large passenger ships in the world.