Oliver Fibbs and the Abominable Snow Penguin

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More About This Title Oliver Fibbs and the Abominable Snow Penguin


Oliver is the Defender of Planet Earth, here to save the world (and his uncle) from an abominable snow penguin—or perhaps that's just his overactive imagination again

Hi! I’m Oliver Tibbs (some people call me "Oliver Fibbs") and sometimes my life gets a little DAB—Dull And Boring. So from time to time I "get creative" with the truth at Show and Tell. Although I honestly am a Defender of Planet Earth, just like Agent Q in my favorite comics, and right now my uncle, the world-famous explorer, Sir Randolph, is lost in the Antarctic and it’s up to me to find him. Plus, a new ice age is about to freeze the Earth unless I find a way to stop it—there are evil snow beasts on the loose, and—OK, maybe I’m exaggerating . . . But as I keep telling everyone, they're not fibs, they're stories!


Steve Hartley is the author of the Danny Baker Record Breaker series. Bernice Lum is an illustrator whose works include 12 Steps to Heaven, the If I Had a Dog series, and the Ruby Rogers series.